At an estimated $333 million unit cost the C-17 Globemaster III is the newest purpose-built cargo aircraft to enter the United States and Western air forces. And it is also handy if you need to say, Move a BUS!

Check out more photos of the C-17 Globemaster III in this free screensaver (warning some adware in the download but you are able to deselect it).


The  Boeing B-52 Stratofortress long-range, jet strategic bomber may be over 50 years old but because of its design the aircraft still has the longest range of any bomber and carries a heavy strategic or tactical weapons load. Check out more photos of the B-52 Stratofortress in this free screensaver (warning some adware in the download but you are able to deselect it).

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If you thought going to the movies was already annoying with the excessive number of commercials, insanely inflated food prices, and unassigned seating, things just got that much worse. Now, by buying a ticket in Canadian theaters, you’re subjecting yourself to random search of your bags, backpacks, and outerwear.

This was hanging every 2 feet at my local theater here in Toronto. Just another reason I’ll probably just be staying home to watch the DVD instead…

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Flower Hat Jellyfish

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The flower hat jelly (Olindias formosa) is a rare species of jellyfish occurring primarily in Brazil, Argentina, and off southern Japan. Characterized by lustrous tentacles that coil and adhere to its rim when not in use, the flower hat jelly’s bell is translucent and pinstriped with opaque bands, making it easily recognizable.

Its sting is nonlethal but painful, and its diet consists mostly of small fishes. The flower hat jelly can grow to be about 15cm (6 inches) in diameter. – wiki

Check out these free Jellyfish Screensavers


When it comes to selling an audience, nothing brings in the crowds better than a sexy movie poster. Sure, you can try and pretend that it doesn’t, but we all know the truth. Skin sells, and the movie industry is just another prime example.

In our latest installement, we count down the Top 10 Sexiest Movie Posters from the Years 2000 – 2005…

10. Almost Famous

9. Femme Fatale


8. Elektra

7. One Night at McCools

6. Romance & Cigarettes

5. Resident Evil

4. Mr. and Mrs. Smith




2. Original Sin


1. Sin City

BONUS: Hot Chick


The Northern Lights of Jupiter

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Both Jupiter and Saturn have magnetic fields much stronger than Earth’s (Uranus, Neptune and Mercury are also magnetic), and both have large radiation belts. Aurora has been observed on both, most clearly with the Hubble Space Telescope.

These auroras seem, like Earth’s, to be powered by the solar wind. In addition, however, Jupiter’s moons, especially Io, are also powerful sources of auroras. These arise from electric currents along field lines (“field aligned currents”), generated by a dynamo mechanism due to relative motion between the rotating planet and the moving moon. Io, which has active volcanism and an ionosphere, is a particularly strong source, and its currents also generate radio emissions, studied since 1955. – wiki

Credit: All images are provided by NASA and the ESA


It has taken 120 years but the worlds best mathematicians and computer scientists have mapped out a 248-dimension mathematical structure, knows as E8. Solving E8 is seen as a major step in the study of symmetry, a mathematical field important to our understanding of the origins of the universe. (Image: John Stembridge, based on a drawing by Peter McMullen)

The calculation of the structure takes about 60 gigabytes of space on a computer, or enough space to hold about 15,000 songs in MP3 format. It took 18 researchers from the United States and Europe four years to produce the E8 calculation and 77 hours for a U.S. supercomputer called Sage 77 to provide the solution

E8 is the most complex Lie group known, a 453,060 by 453,060 matrix that exists only in abstract mathematics. Because of its large size, solving its structure was not possible until computing power could improve, according to Jeffrey Adams, the project leader and a mathematics professor at the University of Maryland.

“E8 was discovered over a century ago, in 1887, and until now, no one thought the structure could ever be understood,” said Adams in a statement. “This groundbreaking achievement is significant both as an advance in basic knowledge, as well as a major advance in the use of large-scale computing to solve complicated mathematical problems.”


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PureDepth Inc. has developed some new displays that won them a deal with International Game Technology Inc., the world’s largest maker of slot machines.

Puredepth CEO Fred Angelopoulos demonstrates a 3-D image of a slot machine. The Silicon Valley startup has signed a deal with International Game Technology, the world's largest maker of slot machines.Puredepth CEO Fred Angelopoulos demonstrates a 3-D image of a slot machine. The Silicon Valley startup has signed a deal with International Game Technology, the world’s largest maker of slot machines.
(Marcio Jose Sanchez/Associated Press)

Industry experts say a realistic digital video display is the final hurdle that will completely digitize one-armed bandits. The new displays by PureDepth and others — set to debut this year — could profoundly change the $85 billion US gambling industry and how it’s regulated.

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