Ontario government launches dead beat dad most wanted list called good parents pay

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In an attempt to help track down parents who walk out on their families, the government of Ontario, Canada, has launched a new website designed to enlist the public’s help in tracking down dead beat parents. Good Parents Pay is very similar to the FBI most wanted list, except in this case it displays the 20-25 most wanted dead beat fathers and mothers who are still at large. From the article

“Good parents pay child support. For those who don’t, we want to make things very clear: we will find you and we will make sure your children get the support they deserve,” said Minister of Community and Social Services Madeleine Meilleur in a news release Monday.

Each profile on the site features a parents name, physical description, last known location, occupation, and of course a headshot photograph. Readers of the site can submit tips anonymously in an effort to help track down the offenders. Currently, the Ontario Family Responsibility Office has more than 180,000 active cases of deadbeat parents which totals more than $1 billion in owing child support.

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  1. MAUREEN says:

    Hello, I know of a dead beat dad living in the Parrysound area working at found aircraft. His name is Jeff Ford and has three kids that he has never paid a red cent for them. He is now with another women supporting her kids and a new child with her. I guess some just dont learn. STOP HAVING KIDS YOU CANT SUPPORT. My sister has been supporting her three kids on low income for the past 10yrs. I think it is pretty sad, the kids dont deserve that and neither does she.

    He had dirty blonde hair, 5′ 1 weight appr. 165 lbs.

    thanks for you time

  2. mandy hamelin says:

    hi been chasing my boys father for 14yrs havent had a penny from him he is now living in the same town as me and i still cant get him i just dont know what to do i need help my boys are 16 and 15 years old and they want this money to they r upset that he just wont pay can u guide me in the right direction to get him?

  3. marisol avellanet says:

    another dead beat dad that hasn’t paid child support sonce 01/01/2009 is raul vega last known address303 victoria blvd park avenue toronto ontario M4E357 talks via email to his daughter and tells her he has a security guard job but can’t pay child suppport when he did pay before on the same job. there is a child support order in New York, N.Y. S where he was petioned. it’s sad that a grandparent supporting his daughter can’t get the help in obtaining child support for this grandchild when these two countries can’t get in touch with each other in finding this person with all the information on him to bring him in to fess up to his obligations

  4. sussi bowles says:

    Myself I dont understand how we women fall for the losers we did BUTto think back to all the promises the plea”s the crap I’ll stop there whats done is done I THINK THAT ANYBODY THAT KNOWINGLY hirs these upstanding usually very good at their jobs good fellows …….paying them under the table to get the job done should also be responsible for arrears owed to our kids Dont they realize that their doing it through the welfare system anyway but maybe if these guys or companies were to be fined or like i said be held accountable somehow THESE COULDN’T KEEP WALKING AWAY

  5. Lisa says:

    can’t get blood from a stone!!! The family laws should change. If the father does not pay, he should have no legal rights to see the child.period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. unbeliever says:

    Ontario government is useless. They like to seem as they are doing something for the poor kids, but the FRO does NOTHING to help to find a deadbeat father.
    There should be a law to throw them into a labourcamp until everything is paid up for the child.

    Society has enough problem, when the mother has to work many hours to feed the child or children and the kids end up in trouble and in front of a court.
    And why do the rest of the good parents – fathers, have to pay with our taxes to raise these kids and either keep them in or out of jail?

    Fix the problem at the root.

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