Google has been slapped with yet another lawsuit! This time it comes from the multimedia giant Viacom at the tune of $1 billion US. Viacom claims that there is approximately 160,000 unauthorized clips of its programming that has been viewed 1.5 billion times. “YouTube is a significant, for-profit organization that has built a lucrative business out […]

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With such huge hype behind the big G’s takeover of Youtube last year, one can’t help wonder how good a decision it really was when yet another huge partn er seems to be reconsidering it’s deal with the search engine giant. According to a person knowledgeable in the talks, CBS has decided to step away […]

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Investors, founders, and several employees at YouTube are very happy today with the announed payouts from Google. Back in October, 2006 Google agreed to purchase YouTube for $1.65 billion in stock. “YouTube’s three founders and Sequoia Capital, its main financial backer, received the biggest windfalls.” Chad Hurley, YouTube’s chief executive, was paid in Google shares with […]

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