France has just passed a new law that makes it a crime for anyone to film real-world violence and distribute the images on the internet. Violators will be subject to up to five years in prison and nearly $100,000 US in fines. Happy slapping is a fad in which an unsuspecting victim is attacked while […]


Today, the Canadian parliament has voted to dismiss two anti-terror laws that were adopted in the country during the aftermath of September 11th. Considered the equivalent of the US Patriot Act (in spirit though, not in depth) the laws allowed terror suspects to be detained with charges for days and gave interrogators the ability to […]

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At 8:57 p.m. ET time the Rosetta space probe will be entering a critical phase in its epic journey to land on Comet Churyumov- Gerasimenko. The probe will attempt a flyby of Mars using the planets gravity to reduce its speed and adjust its course back to earth. The probe will need to pass Earth […]

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Bill Gates has teamed up with Canada in the fight against HIV, the virus which causes AIDS. A new multimillion-dollar agreement has been signed by Canadian Prime Minister Stephan Harper and billionaire Bill Gates to produce the facility in which the battle will take place. “HIV/AIDS is one of the most heartwrenching health crises the world […]

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 On Wednesday, scientists in Mexico City discovered a tiny tree frog, completely preserved in amber, that is estimated to have lived approximately 25 million years ago. Mirroring somewhat the story of Jurrasic Park, the frog is entirely preserved by its amber casing, and was discovered by a miner who later sold it to a private […]

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It seems like every few months an article comes out highlighting the U.S. failure to keep up in the global broadband race. While the same excuses continue to be made for why the problem is happening (country size, lack of need, greedy corporations, to much legacy infrastructure), the fact of the matter is the U.S. […]

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A coalition of U.S. software, music, and movie producers has urged the Bush administration to add Canada to the countries blacklist of intellectual property villains. The list is currently populated with countries such as China, Russia, and Belize. Citing Canada’s so-called chronic failure to modernize its copyright regime, the group contends that Canada has developed […]

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Former Playboy Playmate and Guess jeans model Anna Nicole Smith died Thursday after collapsing at a hotel in Florida. “She was stricken while staying at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and was rushed to a hospital. Edwina Johnson, chief investigator for the Broward County Medical Examiner’s Office, said the cause of death was under […]

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