It seems like Wikipedia may finally be getting sick of all the spamming and false information being posted on their highly popular online encyclopedia. According to Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, a new policy is under consideration that may require contributors to confirm credentials before adding to the site. This comes on the heels of the […]

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Professional golfer, Fuzzy Zoeller, has filed a lawsuit over malicious entries in his Wikipedia entry that recently described him as a former wife and child abuser who was hooked on alcohol and drugs. While the invalid statements are no longer listed, Zoeller is seeking damages against the actual person who made the modifications to the […]

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Wikipedia on its last legs?

by stark in Technology

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The chairwoman of the Wikimedia Foundation, Florence Devouard, recently hinted in a talk at the Lift07 conference that Wikipedia only has funding for the next 3-4 months, after which it may disappear if donations don’t pick up. According to people in attendance Devouard was quoted as saying: At this point, Wikipedia has the financial resources […]

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