If you thought going to the movies was already annoying with the excessive number of commercials, insanely inflated food prices, and unassigned seating, things just got that much worse. Now, by buying a ticket in Canadian theaters, you’re subjecting yourself to random search of your bags, backpacks, and outerwear. This was hanging every 2 feet […]

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When it comes to selling an audience, nothing brings in the crowds better than a sexy movie poster. Sure, you can try and pretend that it doesn’t, but we all know the truth. Skin sells, and the movie industry is just another prime example. In our latest installement, we count down the Top 10 Sexiest Movie Posters […]


It seems not only did 300 set the record for biggest march opening and is now ranked number three for biggest R rated opening ever, it may have set a totally different type of record. According to the folks at Ain ‘t It Cool News, 300 might actually be the first movie ever to owe […]

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Even though the film is essentially one big joke at the expense of the nation, Kazakh citizens have been flooding into stores to buy the DVD. While Kazakh officials have decried Sacha Baron Cohen’s anti-Semitic, sexist, and brutish character, citizens (who apparently have much more of a sense of humor) have applauded Cohen for bringing […]

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According to MPAA chairman Dan Glickman, the feature film ratings system everyone is used to may be receiving an overhaul in the coming months. There are two major problems they feel need to be addressed. First, the R rating is too broad in its current categorization of films. […] the R rating is too broad, […]

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After a very long 25 years of disussion Tintin will finally be brought to the silver screen again! Thanks to the help of Steven Spielberg and his company DreamWorks who have agreed to procuding at least one Tintin movie. A completed movie could show up in theatres by 2009 or 2010, Nick Rodwell told a press […]

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If you’re a fan of the television series Heroes, you might have noticed that last nights episode came with a little bonus, a preview clip of the upcoming film Spider-Man 3. I warn you though, this clip definitely spoils at least a couple small plot points, so if you’re one of those people who wants […]

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While there have been rumors for months now, it was finally confirmed this weekend that JJ Abrams will be directing a new Star Trek feature film for Paramount Studios. Abrams, the creator of the television series’ Lost and Alias and director of Mission: Impossible 3, will direct Star Trek XI which is said to revolve around a […]

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