An interesting look and comparison of Microsoft Vista’s AERO interface and Ubuntu Linux’s BERYL interface. It sure looks like Microsoft (and Apple for that matter) has a long way to go. Why don’t these big companies hire some of the talent behind BERYL for their next release? [tags]vista, apple, ubuntu, linux, beryl, interface[/tags]

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A federal jury ordered Microsoft to pay $1.5 billion in damages to Alcatel-Lucent in a patent dispute over MP3 audio technology used in Microsoft Windows operating systems. “We made strong arguments supporting our view and we are pleased with the court’s decision,” said Alcatel-Lucent spokeswoman Joan Campion, declining to discuss details of the decision. [tag]Microsoft Windows, […]

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Google Apps Goes Live

by stark in Technology

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After months of speculation, it appears Google has finally launched their subscription package of premium, hosted business applications, known as Google Apps. Designed to be a competitor for the market dominating Microsoft Office suite, Google Apps will provide a host of tools which are all available online. The Google Apps package includes Gmail for your […]

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It has recently been reported that Microsoft’s newest operating system, Vista, may require 4 GB of memory to operate at its best. David Short, an IBM consultant who works in the Global Services Division and has been beta testing Vista for two years, says users should consider 4GB of RAM if they really want optimum Vista […]

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On the list of the most hated characters of all time, Microsoft Clippy ranks right near the top sharing space with the likes of Jar Jar Binks, Barney the Dinosaur, and Pikachu. Well, today is the day you’ve all been waiting for, as engadget reports that Clippy is no longer a part of the Microsoft Office […]

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On January 30, 2007, Microsoft Vista was released worldwide to the general public. There are many reasons to upgrade to Windows Vista and there are just as many reasons not to. The bottom line is if you are happy with XP then you should at least wait a couple months until software and hardware vendors […]

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According to the latest official information from Apple, using your iPod and iTunes on the new Microsoft Windows Vista operating system can cause some serious issues including: Ejecting an iPod from the Windows System Tray using the “Safely Remove Hardware” feature may corrupt your iPod. To always safely eject an iPod, choose Eject iPod from […]

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