300 Sets a Different type of Record

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It seems not only did 300 set the record for biggest march opening and is now ranked number three for biggest R rated opening ever, it may have set a totally different type of record. According to the folks at Ain ‘t It Cool News, 300 might actually be the first movie ever to owe the majority of its success to Internet advertising. Movies are usually the domain of television, but in this case, most viewers reported hearing about it on the Internet first.

In Warner’s Top Secret polls – 60% chose the Internet as what brought them to the theater.

And at IMAX – that number grew to 68%.

These numbers show a HUGE growth in the Internet’s growing pull for where people decide to see their weekend movies. Of course – the traditional commercials are MySpaced and YouTubed into Viral attacks. The exposure on AICN and CHUD and DARKHORIZONS and SUPERHEROHYPE, etc… have continued to grow. All your personal bloggings have really begun to affect why 300 has done so well.

Looks like another blow for the old machine!

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