If you’re a fan of the television series Heroes, you might have noticed that last nights episode came with a little bonus, a preview clip of the upcoming film Spider-Man 3. I warn you though, this clip definitely spoils at least a couple small plot points, so if you’re one of those people who wants […]

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An interesting look and comparison of Microsoft Vista’s AERO interface and Ubuntu Linux’s BERYL interface. It sure looks like Microsoft (and Apple for that matter) has a long way to go. Why don’t these big companies hire some of the talent behind BERYL for their next release? [tags]vista, apple, ubuntu, linux, beryl, interface[/tags]

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If there is one animal I never want to meet face to face, I think it would be the Great White. This is slightly offbeat, but an interesting video of dozens of Great White sharks absolutely annihilating a huge whale carcass. Very well done video, but a little gory if you have a weak stomach… […]

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Well, some people watch it for the game and some watch it for the halftime show, but if you’re one of the third type, the type that watch it for the high priced ads, then this post is for you. iFilm has compiled a list of every ad aired during the game, and they are […]

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Ever wonder what it would be like to golf with Tiger Woods? Well, some lucky folks who just happened to be a part of his promotion for Buick got that chance, and some of them even walked away with a new car. I loved the shot where he flips the club upside down. Too bad […]

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