If you’re a fan of the television series Heroes, you might have noticed that last nights episode came with a little bonus, a preview clip of the upcoming film Spider-Man 3. I warn you though, this clip definitely spoils at least a couple small plot points, so if you’re one of those people who wants […]

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With such huge hype behind the big G’s takeover of Youtube last year, one can’t help wonder how good a decision it really was when yet another huge partn er seems to be reconsidering it’s deal with the search engine giant. According to a person knowledgeable in the talks, CBS has decided to step away […]

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Last week we discussed Walmart’s foray into the movie download race with the launch of their brand new service. Immediately, there were many complaints that the site would not work with any browser other than Internet Explorer. This was strange, to say the least, considering the massive size of Walmart and the fact that nowadays […]

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After their initial tests were a success, Walmart has decided it’s finally time to throw their hat in the ring of the battle royale that is the digital movie download business. Later today, Walmart will officially launch a new site at walmart.com/videodownloads that will allow customers to download both film and television content directly to […]

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