A 26 year old man from Jinzhou, in northeastern China died after a 7 day gaming session. China has seen an alarming rise in the number of teenage and young adult Internet addicts in recent years, despite attempts to restrict minors from cyber cafes and limit online game playing times.


EA Games CEO steps down

by stark in Gaming

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On April 2nd, EA Games will officially have an open position at CEO when Larry Probst steps down as the company head. While there still might be time to get your resume in for the position, I wouldn’t hold your breath on the job as John Riccitello, an old school EA employee, is rumored to be taking […]

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Even though the Nintendo Wii on its own might be cheap (comparatively to the 360 and PS3), it seems like GameStop/EBGames stores (EBStops?) have found ways to make up the difference in profits on their own, gouging customers on accessories. The official Nintendo component cable retails for $29.99 (which is not cheap to begin with) […]

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Notorious American lawyer, Jack Thompson, faces the possibility of disciplinary action in an upcoming hearing before the Florida Supreme Court. Thompson is perhaps most famous for his many court cases attempting to enforce stricter law against video gaming companies and was at the forefront during last years Grand Theft Auto hot coffee minigame controversy with Rockstar Games. Most recently, […]

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